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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Leavers' 2024 Day of celebration...

20th Jun 2024

Thank you to you all for the wonderful mix of memories you have left us all with; your silver lining is undoubtedly the daily time you spent with our children in the Snowdrop & Daffodil Rooms -  you showed us all what inclusion and acceptance really means - Thank you!!

Sincere thanks to Fr John, our school Chaplin, for a beautiful Mass this morning and to the Choir for their beautiful singing. It was so heart-warming to have so many parents join us in the celebration.

Thank you to the Cooks who prepared the Leavers' Meal Choice for the Day - Pizza and chips but, thank you sincerely to Kerrie and Clodagh for the beautiful cup cakes uniquely topped off with our 2024 Leavers' topper - they were simply divine!!

 We wish each and everyone one of our P7 Pupils every joy and happiness in their new schools and know that the world is a better place where ever you are as you are simply THE BEST!!!